Our Process

Las Vegas Commercial BuildersOur goal at LM Construction is to create a sense of total organization for our clients throughout the design and build process by maintaining open communication, extensive planning & preparation, and adhering to a regimented schedule.

We strive to have our clients understand that we are “Building from Your Point of View,” and as a third generation contractor and developer, Larry Monkarsh knows firsthand the obstacles that small business owners have in owning and operating their businesses.

Even though we can handle a large volume of work, we never lose sight of the fact that we too are a small business. We strive to make personal and professional connections with our clients. “It’s important to me (and I think the client as well) that we have a partnership and that we know we can do business together.”

All of our commercial construction projects have the same foundation of importance: location, planning, communication, experience, and scheduling play a part in the success of any project.

Tenant Improvement Process

In the case of tenant improvement projects, we take the time to make sure the client and the landlord are on the same page.

We begin with the interior tenant improvement, whereby the shell building is an existing structure, with or without existing interior improvements. We begin by getting a detailed description of what the client wants in the space they have chosen. We take that information and develop a single page drawing that we send to the client for approval and/or changes to the plan as they see fit. Once all of the changes have been made and approved by the client, we move on to pricing. At this time we take bids on the job and present the costs to the client. If the client approves the proposal, they sign it and we go to the contract stage. Once contracts have been executed we begin the construction process.

New Development & Ground-Up Construction Process

If we are working directly with the owner and developer of a new ground up construction, the process is more involved than it is for tenant improvements.

As with all projects, location is our top priority in beginning the design-build process. The process will begin once the client has chosen a location and is either in escrow or already has purchased the property. At this point, we sit down with the client and get a detailed description of the project in order to create a site plan and floor plans. In addition to overall vision for design and layout, the following factors will be considered:

  • Will there be a possibility of future expansion? This is instrumental in ensuring that the site’s zoning is appropriate for its intended use or if we will need to provide a zoning package as a part of the “design review” process by the city or county.
  • Will we be designing a building with the thought that a portion of it will be leased out to a third party? (Meaning, are we designing a single tenant or a multi-tenant facility.)

Once the site plan and floor plans are approved, we put together a proposal for the work required from the beginning design and permitting stages through the final construction. Our proposal will include full civil engineering and architectural services. We also usually handle the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire sprinkler plans on a design build basis.

The cost of the plans and permits are built into the cost of construction.

We also make sure that all professional services are provided:

Phase 1 Environmental/Geotechnical/Soils Reports for submission to the various building departments. We then “marry” all of these documents (Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical) into a set that we submit for permit application. Usually, changes are made during the plans check process, and we must change the plans and resubmit. Once all items have been addressed, we are issued a building permit.